The company

  • Founded in 1994, BMP Chaudronnerie plastique et Composites is based in CAEN, Normandy (France). Specialising in the manufacture of structures in composite materials, especially polyester resin, fibreglass, epoxy; we have mastered the production of complex large-scale sandwich or monolithic structures.
  • A branch of our business deals with the construction of radomes from 20 cm to 10 meters in height and composite protective coverings for  tracking systems covering a wide range of frequencies, radio beacons, RFID transmitter-receiver units and microwave radomes.
  • BMP has been constructing radomes for over 10 years, especially for Defence.


Our structure on a human scale and high-technology equipment make us very competitive and responsive for your radome projects.


BMP Chaudronnerie Plastique designs and constructs radomes from 0.20 m to 10.20 m (33').


In order to meet more broadly our customers’ technical requirements for high technology projects, especially radomes, BMP Chaudronnerie Plastique et Composites in Caen and CARL in Alençon have established a strategic alliance which provides them with complementary equipment and skills, as well as the ability to respond quickly.

This alliance allows us in particular to control better the entire production process of a radome, by total integration; as much for at the study stage in the design offices as for all the randome production and test stages.

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